Outdoor lifestyle and Farm Tours in Minnesota

minnesota+farm tours+outdoorsMinnesota outdoor lifestyle has plenty to admire. By taking down a memorable farm tour down to Minnesota you will be wowed by the brilliance of the farms that are located in this majestic State. To give you a taste of Minnesota we begin with the Amish Farm.

Amish Farms

minnesota farm toursThe surrounding countryside of Lanesboro will give you access to this group of plain clothed men and women. The men will be mostly clad in leather black hats and the women will be adorned in either straw hats or black bonnets.

Take a tour of the Amish farm and see how in modern civilization, there is still a society that relies on horse drawn black buggies (carriages) either by a single horse or by two horses.

The farm belongs to one of the Oldest and largest Amish Order group known as Swartzentruber. This group is known to have relocated from Ohio and occupied the farm back in 1974. The Amish group constitutes some of the most conservative Amish people.

 The only ‘modern’ things you will discover being utilized by the Amish is diesel and gasoline powered tools. You will not see any electrical items, vehicles of any kinds in use. According to their religion, The Amish are a society that thrives in humble and live simple lives that are far from modern civilization.

As you tour the farms, you will come across creative, authentic and original craftsmen and home builders who by use of hand come up with the finest, furniture leather goods and baskets with a whole lot of more items.

Winona Farm

howmars-winona-bio-page_0[1]Apart from the Amish farm, there are plenty of more farms you can tour including the Winona Farm. You can literary pitch camp in the farm for days or months!

If you are willing to take your family on a farm tour, why not begin with Winona Farm, it offers you a dreamy countryside lifestyle that has an active outdoors farm lifestyle. Your kids will enjoy playing with mud, seeing corn farms and even get to pet the various animals found at the farm.

Furthermore, due to the farms location you can take on sports such as canoeing, biking or even go for a hiking trip to unwind. Winona Farm is set up on serene land that is safely secured and the activities in the farm encourage parents and children to fully participate in meaningful farm work, and constructive exercise activities that will live everyone having enjoyed the farm tour.

Minnesota Camping

minnesota camping

White Bear Lake Camping Grounds: The grounds are lash and beautiful. The place is situated on the northeast of the twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis). City dwellers throng this region to have the most of the plush state parks and campgrounds which all deliver rugged outdoor activities for visitors of all walks and ages to enjoy.

Afton State Park and Campground:  Set strategically on the great St. Croix River, this beautiful and majestic State Park serves as a wonderful camping site. Nature lovers will enjoy the many hiking trails that run through beautiful scenic lands covered with the best curves, mounts and flats nature has to offer.

Fortunately, the park’s administration allows for fishing activities and survival excursions. Campers will also access the warm and cool swimming waters. Horses are available in plenty allowing you and your kids to enjoy wonderful horseback rides on the extensive park.

William O’Brien State Park and Campground: This Park offers visitors with a whole lot of activity to partake in. To begin with, you can indulge in fishing activities or perhaps partake in survival escapades. You can choose to indulge in an activity amongst the hills and cliffs.

Why not try out survival skills by taking a canoe ride down the river. For tenters, the camping spot offers more than 50 camping sites that are beautifully setup upon the river allowing you listen to the river hum as it flows during the night.

NB: There are plenty of outdoor activities that can be done in Minnesota. Try doing the above activities first and get to learn of more fun activities you can engage in.